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Our Mission

To lead the Minimal Invasive Surgery market by creating a suite of surgical products and systems that enables more effective and broader use of cutting-edge, minimally-invasive surgical techniques that to date have only been applied by the few.

Our Vision

Tsalys has "portfolio" and procedural approach to product development and introduction that supplies responsive and sustainable innovation with clearly definable clinical and economic benefits that can have an immediate and mesaurable impact.

Electro Surgery Suction Irrigation Probe System

The TSALYS SES Electro-Surgery Suction and Irrigation Probe system is a total rethink in the design of laparoscopic instrumentation. Combining superb ergonomics and performance, TSALYS have added its unique Continuous Low Vacuum setting allowing the user to set a low level continuous evacuation of smoke during electro-surgery - maximising visualisation.

Suction Irrigation Probe System

The TSALYS SIS Suction and Irrigation Probe system defines modern surgical instrument design. A minimalist approach to functionality and appearance has resulted in a high performance system that is easier to manufacture.


Lee Edwards

Executive Chairman Head of R&D

Professor Sir Norman Williams

Chief Scientific Advisor

Zhang Lunwen.


Meng Xiaoshuang

Director of Operations

Ashley Meerloo

Business Development

John Gonzalez

Corporate Advisor

R&D Centre within the MedTech hub of Shenzhen.

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